Welcome to Lab for Urban Mobility Systems (LUMOS) at NUS

Dr. Liu Yang (刘杨)

Associate Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management

National University of Singapore

The mission of the Lab for Urban Mobility Systems (LUMOS) is to advance intelligent transportation systems, formulate new design and operational strategies, devise effective solutions to transportation problems, and bridge academic communities with industry to improve the mobility, reliability, and sustainability of transportation systems.

Our lab's research activities has been profiled at IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine.

Our Research

We focus on future urban mobility and transport systems, which cover the areas of shared mobility system operation and design, travel demand and congestion management, and data-driven transportation system modeling and analysis.

The research team develops multidisciplinary approaches to address research questions with theoretical contributions and real-world implications for efficient and sustainable transportation system planning and management.

LUMOS aims to disseminate new insights, knowledge, and tools to academia, industry, government, and research organizations worldwide.

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Lab News

June 2024

New paper! Yang, S. and Liu, Y.* (2024) Markov game for CV joint adaptive routing in stochastic traffic networks: A scalable learning approach has been published in Transportation Research Part B: Methodological.

May 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Zhu Dan and Dr. Gu Ruixue on successfully passing their doctoral defenses!

March 2024

Our latest research on joint adaptive routing in stochastic traffic networks has been accepted by ISTTT25!

March 2024

New paper! Chen, Y., Liu, Y.*, Bai, Y., and Mao, B. (2024) Real-time dispatch management of shared autonomous vehicles with on-demand and pre-booked requests has been published in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice.

Jan 2024

Dr. Liu Yang, Mr. Yang Shan, and Miss Zhu Xiaolei presented our lastest works in Transportation Research Board, 103nd Annual Meeting!

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Joining LUMOS

We are recruiting phd students and postdoctoral fellows. We are looking for researchers with strong interests and expertise in traffic simulation, mathematical modelling and programming, and data-driven optimization approaches. If you are interested in joining LUMOS, please contact Dr. Liu Yang directly by emailing to iseliuy@nus.edu.sg or ceelya@nus.edu.sg.